Christian Chaplaincy

The Christian Chaplains offer pastoral care and support, hospitality and community, and a space for questions, uncertainties and dilemmas. Come and explore how faith, love and justice relate to the world of study and work.

Christian Worship Opportunities

Prayer, Free Church / Anglican communion, meditation, ecumenical gathering, Roman Catholic Mass. Plenty of opportunities to worship God together.

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Activities and Events

Weekly social trips to the pub, one off events to deepen your spirituality. Read about the activities and events run by the Christian Chaplaincy.

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An Inclusive Community

We offer a warm welcome to all staff and students regardless of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, ethnicity, ability or faith identity.

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Find a church

Find a church to suit you, from among the many and varied Christian worshipping communities in Sheffield.

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Christian Chaplains and Advisers

Who's who in the Christian Chaplaincy? Chaplains and Faith Advisers from a range of Christian traditions

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