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Below are the members of our team.

A child at the dentist cartoon.
  • Professor Zoe Marshman

    Professor and Honorary Consultant in Dental Public Health

    My work as a professor of dental public health leads me to look for better, patient-centred ways of improving oral health. Being scared of the dentist is a significant public health issue which has a big impact on the lives of children, their parents and the NHS. Our resources were developed as a way of reducing that impact and improving children’s experiences of going to the dentist now and in future.

  • Professor Helen Rodd

  • Professor of Paediatric Dentistry at the University of Sheffield

    As a paediatric dentist, I see so many anxious children who find visiting the dentist a really stressful experience. The development of our CBT resource not only gave me a greater insight into how these children really feel, but gave me an evidence-based approach for helping them.

  • Professor Sarah Baker

    Professor of Psychology at the University of Sheffield

    As a health psychologist, I am interested in people's thoughts, feelings and behaviour about their health and well-being. Lots of young people are nervous about going to the dentist and so I was interested in helping develop the CBT resource to help them cope with visiting the dentist and dental treatment.

  • Professor Cathy Creswell

  • Professor of Development Clinical Psychology at the University of Oxford

    I am a clinical psychologist and I work with children who have difficulties with fears, worries and anxieties. Working on this CBT resource gave me a really good understanding of the support that young people want and need to manage dental fears, and it was great to see the different ways in which dentists could help them to do this.

  • Professor Tim Newton

    Professor of Psychology as applied to Dentistry at King's College London

    I am a psychologist who works with people who are anxious about dental treatment. The resources we developed incorporate the psychological principles that we use with our patients into really friendly and accessible ways of helping people. I really enjoyed developing these - especially the input from young people and carers.

  • Dr Jenny Porritt

    Senior Lecture in Health Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University

    As a Health Psychologist I was interested in how we could develop a resource that would encourage children, parents/carers and healthcare professionals to work together to reduce children's dental anxiety. The 'Your Teeth You Are In Control' guide is an evidence-based approach which really does help everyone come together to better understand and manage dental anxiety.

  • Professor Chris Williams

    Emeritus Professor of Psychosocial Psychiatry
    Director of Five Areas Ltd and the University of Glasgow

    I am a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) researcher, trainer and writer of a successful range of award-winning and widely recommended self-help resources. I brought my experience of CBT and of writing books to help design 'Your teeth, you are in control' and also a book to help parents of young children visit the dentist, both are available at www.llttf.com/dental.

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