My advice to anyone wanting to study dentistry? Try to do work experience in as many places and fields as you can

Sunil Heer, dentistry student
Sunil Heer
Undergraduate Student
BDS Dental Surgery
Sunil was surprised to realise that dentistry isn't all about teeth. He chose Sheffield for its balance of lectures and practical clinical work.
Sunil Heer, dentistry student

“I was born in Coventry, but raised in Blackpool. My parents own a small hotel in Blackpool, so growing up I thought I’d always ending up just working there, which I still do during the summer holidays”, explains Sunil Heer. “When it came to choosing a career path I also thought about medicine and teaching, but I wasn’t so sure. Then I came across dentistry as an option and straight away could see myself doing this after partaking in some work experience.”

“At school, my favourite subjects were science-based. Having studied biology, chemistry, physics and maths at A-level, I knew I wanted to do something which involved science and in particular biology”, he recalls. “I also wanted to do something which was interactive and hands-on.”

“I chose to study dentistry for a number of reasons. I had an older brother studying dentistry at the time. I did some work experience and soon found out how diverse the job was and that it wasn’t just about teeth. With the help of my brother and the various dentists I shadowed, I decided to apply.”

So, why did Sunil choose Sheffield? “I applied to Sheffield in particular as I liked the way the course presented itself as opposed to other universities. There is early clinical exposure and a good balance between practical work and lecture work. Also, the North is the best!”

“Being able treat patients of all ages is very rewarding, as is being able to put everything you’ve learnt into practice with the help of the dedicated tutors”, says Sunil, explaining what he enjoys most about his course. “The library facilities are good, even though it’s busy during peak times there is always somewhere you can go and study. Relaxing in Weston Park in the sun is also great.”

“Adjusting to university life can be hard, but being in Sheffield made it a lot easier. The course itself is challenging and requires hard work, but it definitely rewarding.”

“My advice to anyone considering studying dentistry is to read the websites of different dental schools, which usually provide a lot of information. Take time to read these and look at how the course is run, so you know it is right for you. Try to do work experience in as many places and fields as you can, and be proactive while partaking in work experience so you can show you actually learnt something.”