In the coming weeks, our tree team will be working around the Endcliffe accommodation.

  • Around Stanage car park, we are pruning branches from a number of large sycamores to make the area lighter and allow better lines of sight for CCTV cameras. This will improve safety for students and staff that park and pass through.
  • A tree overhanging Endcliffe Vale Road is at risk of snapping and falling into the road. To reduce this threat, the team is reshaping and trimming the tree and removing a branch. We will continue to review the tree for safety.
  • At 20 Endcliffe Villas, we are felling two trees. In the back garden, a robinia pseudoacacia which has died will be removed. At the same time, a regenerated ash tree at the front of the building will be taken down as it is in a dangerous condition, posing a risk to property and people living in the area. We are immediately replacing these specimens with two semi-mature ornamental cherry trees which are better suited to small spaces.