Tree work in August

On Thursday 8 August our contractors ACME Arb will be felling a dead Whitebeam located in the woodland behind Arthur Willis Environment Centre.

An aerial inspection of the Ash tree to the front of Firth Court will be taking place on Wednesday 21 August. Pedestrian and vehicle access will be slightly restricted during this inspection. We believe the tree to have Ash dieback disease and we hope to determine the extent of the infection.

More information on Ash dieback disease and the University's response

On Sunday 25 August, our contractors will remove 2 dead Sycamores to the front of Transport Services on Clarkehouse Road, opposite to the Hallamshire Hospital.

A Horse Chestnut tree on Endcliffe Vale Road will have its crown reduced on Tuesday 27 August. This is to try and prolong the life of the tree.

On Thursday 29 August, Sheffield Tree Care will remove of a large dead Beech tree located at Endcliffe Crescent, close to The Edge and the paddock. We have been working to save the tree for many years but it is dying and needs to be felled for public safety reasons. This was rescheduled in July as we found a birds nest in the tree. The team will only fell this tree if there are no longer birds nesting.

In the next month, we intend to remove the dead Cherry tree on the grounds of the Management School, close to the corner of Conduit and Redcar road. A sycamore on this site will also be reduced as it is looking unhealthy. Dates are yet to be confirmed.