Experimental optimisation of post combustion carbon capture process for climate change mitigation


One of the leading climate mitigation technologies is carbon capture. Separation of carbon from power plant flue gases using advanced technology is a promising method to pave the way towards a sustainable world.

Solvent based carbon capture is one of the most researched and close to commercialisation technologies which has the capability to be designed for new power plants or retrofitted to existing power plant fleet. The technology is based on temperature swing process and therefore involves use of energy and thus reduction power plant output. The reduction in the use of energy in the capture process is one of the main aims of the research.

The project involves using world class equipment at the PACT facilities at the University of Sheffield to perform state of the art research. Energy and environmental performance assessment of the capture process under varying operational conditions will be assessed by using online and offline measurement techniques. The impact of different species in the flue gas (such as CO, NOx, particulates) on the solvent degradation and emissions from the capture process will be studied.

For further information contact Professor Derek B Ingham (d.ingham@sheffield.ac.uk).

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