Integration of renewables into energy systems-forecasting model development and analysis


Supervisors: Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian, Professor Lin Ma

With the introduction of legal binding emission reduction targets, power systems across the world will have to be decarbonised to meet the targets. As such new energy technologies, such as renewables, are required to be deployed into energy systems. However, penetration of various renewables into electricity production systems raises a number of technical and economic challenges mainly due to the random and intermittent nature of renewables, such as wind and solar compared to fossil fuel based thermal power plants.

The aim of this research is to address challenges associated with integration of renewable energy systems into the power grid, considering technical, economical and regulatory aspects for a secure and reliable energy supply. Forecasting energy models are to be developed by applying different scenarios to predict the mid-term and long-term energy mix and share of renewables in energy production. The model will also be able to analyse the change of trends towards the use of coal-based and natural-gas based power plants and how they will compete with other energy production technologies in the future.

The outcome of the research will contribute in answering a broad range of research questions on energy management and renewables integration as well as be a good source of assistance to governments, industry owners and policy makers in making insightful decisions about application of different energy systems.

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