Wellbeing in Engineering


The Wellbeing Room & Library

The Faculty Wellbeing Room is a dedicated and calm space for engineering students and staff to take a break from their daily activities. We imagine it will be used by, for example, expecting mums, feeding parents, neurodivergent members of staff or students needing a bit of time out and anyone else in need of an hour away from the hustle and bustle of campus life.

The Wellbeing Room Library
There will be a number of books available for you to either read in the room or to borrow. If you wish to take one of the books home just note your name and the book down on the log. If you wish to donate any books to the library, just leave them in the room!

You will find the room in the Portobello Centre, Room B65 and to book email the ED&I team on engineering.edi@sheffield.ac.uk.

To get to the room, walk through the main entrance and turn left down the long corridor. Walk through the door at the bottom of the corridor and the Wellbeing Room is the first door in front of you.

Remember to change the door sign from 'vacant' to 'in use' to ensure privacy and then back again when you have finished using the room.

Mick Berry: Student Wellbeing Advisor

Mick Berry Wellness

The wellbeing service has been set up to provide support for any students who are experiencing low level mental health and wellbeing difficulties. The service provides a bespoke, holistic assessment of students needs and uses positive psychology informed interventions to help recognise what the issue is in order to formulate a plan to get students back on track.

Mick has nearly two decades of experience supporting students as both a Specialist Mental Health, and also Neurodivergent Student Mentor in higher education settings. He is an UMHAN (University Mental Health Advisers Network) accredited practitioner, and a graduate member of the British Psychological Society with an MSc in Psychology.

"My approach is holistic and person centred, taking a compassionate and curious approach to exploring wellbeing difficulties in order to help individuals understand their situation. I firmly believe that there are always options available to a person experiencing difficulty, and will work collaboratively to identify sources of stress, build self-supportive strategies and work towards developing the resilience and independence student life requires."

Mick Berry

Student Wellbeing Advisor

If you feel like you would like to access this service then please get in touch with Mick either on SWSengineering@sheffield.ac.uk or book an appointment to see him.

Students may also find resources on the Student Wellbeing Service Website useful.

The website is regularly updated with articles, videos, information about events and regular groups intended to support you to look after your wellbeing and thrive in your time at the university.

For further information and help please go to the Student Wellbeing Service webpages.

Further guidance can also be found on the Mental Wellbeing wepages.