Activities for Primary Schools

Engineering Imagination
Engineering Imagination

Each year we celebrate International Women in Engineering Day in June by bringing engineering to the Winter Garden in Sheffield.

Aimed at primary school children this interactive and exciting day is full of fantastic hands-on activities that your little one can enjoy.

We have been taking part in this annual event for seven years and young children have learned how candyfloss is made (engineering of food); raced spiders (understanding materials); making spiderman scale a wall (tribology) and loads more activities to broaden their minds.

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Women in Engineering Student Society

Our Women in Engineering Student Society have been instrumental to our Women in Engineering initiative by reaching out to a younger generation of potential engineers through their outreach work in schools and community organisations.

Over the years they have not only visited schools in person but have created two engineering books following the adventures of Suzie and Ricky.

Download your free copy of the books.

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The University’s Maker{Futures} programme is an ambitious scheme driven by the University’s School of Education and supported by the Faculty of Engineering.

It aims to support and promote maker education in schools, libraries and museums by delivering engineering activities on their 'mobile makerspace'. The idea was to bring a bus packed full of high- tech resources including 3D printing, VR and robotics, as well as low- tech activities like woodworking, building your own bike and making circuits out of playdough.

But as current restrictions prevent physical outreach the team have put together a maker kit so that you can learn at home.

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