Work with us

Work With Us

The University of Sheffield has extensive sources of expertise and facilities to help your organisation develop its people, products and services. With a network of focused individuals and a portfolio of collaborative opportunities, working with business and the wider community is at the heart of the University’s mission.

For example, the three new advanced engineering research centres out next to the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre's (AMRC) Factory 2050 are working with innovative businesses on projects relating to aerospace, automotive, construction, water, energy and manufacturing. For further information visit:

Laboratory for Verification and Validation (LVV)

Royce Translational Centre (RTC)

Integrated Civil and Infrastructure Research Centre (ICAIR)

Our Track Record

We have a long history and a solid track record of service to business and industry. Our expertise across a broad field of subject areas makes us an ideal partner, and over the past few years we have collaborated with over 2,000 organisations keen to harness our expertise, technology, and insight. These have ranged from some of the world’s largest corporations to smaller regional companies.

Industrial Partnerships

We are developing long term strategic partnerships with organisations where we can operate as part of their innovation process, creating new knowledge exchange relationships throughout the organisation from recruitment to manufacturing and R&D.

What We Offer

  • A proven track record of research with a wide range of organisations
  • World-class research expertise, from blue-sky thinking to applied research
  • A dedicated team of professionals able to assess your business needs
  • Excellent graduates
  • Testing and analysis using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities
  • An unbiased knowledge-based partner

Contact Erica Williams on or 0114 222 9727 to find out more.