Major Refurbishment Programme for Faculty of Engineering

P3 AtriumThe Faculty of Engineering is undergoing a major refurbishment programme for the St George's Campus that will help us to accommodate our growth and also to dramatically improve the current condition of our working environment.

The refurbishment will cover the quadrangle bounded by Mappin Street, Portobello Street, Newcastle Street and Broad Lane  This isn’t about painting the odd room, but about a major refurbishment programme that will invest more than £53 million in refurbishing and remodeling large sections of our estate (approximately 13,000m2 in total).

Necessarily there will be some disruption during building work, but the University will strive both to minimise this and plan it around the core business of delivering teaching and research.

Some movement of staff will be necessary to enable the refurbishment, but it is hoped that this short-term disruption will be a price worth paying for the improvement in working environments.

During the refurbishment, there will be a requirement to temporarily decant some staff.  Several buildings around the Mappin site have been made available for this purpose along with a purpose built decant space 'The Modular Village' which will be in use for the period of refurbishment.

Other buildings have also been identified to become part of the Faculty permanently. These include Garden Street (North Campus Graduate Research Centre), the Portabello Building and the Nano-science Fallow Space.

The Modular Village

MV Exterior

The modular village is a three storey modular building of approximately 1400 sqm Gross Floor Area (GFA) on our North Campus Car Park. The purpose of the building is to provide decant accommodation for research laboratories, associated academic offices and research assistant workrooms for use over the refurbishment programme to St. George’s Campus.

In addition to the above, the three storey village also houses a communal kitchen, a lift, toilets on all three floors and Wi-Fi, and will prove to be a comfortable place from which to work.