Henry Royce Institute

The University's world-leading Department of Materials Science and Engineering is a major partner of the Henry Royce Institute for Research and Innovation of Advanced Materials. We lead on the Institute's theme of Advanced Metals Processing.

Our capabilities

Materials discovery and prototyping

Delivering a step change in the way that novel materials are developed for specific applications. Take a look at our melting and casting systems.

    Powder production

    Producing new, bespoke alloys in powder form is a vital part of what we do. Find out more about our state-of-the-art equipment for atomisation, milling and spheroidisation.

      Manufacturing advanced materials

      Our focus is on the introduction of new resource efficient, sustainable and lightweight materials and processes. Our facilities include spark plasma sintering and isostatic pressing.

        Near Net Shape manufacturing technologies

        These technologies, which include Additive Manufacturing (AM), produce components close to the finished size and shape, with reduced material waste. Discover our range of AM machines.

        Characterisation and testing

        Our characterisation capabilities span all other functions housed within the Henry Royce Institute at Sheffield. The techniques available play a vital role in our iterative approach to the design, make, refine process.

        Materials in the circular economy

        For additive manufacturing to realise its full potential, high cost metal powders must undergo a step-change reduction in price, which will be achieved by recycling, down-cycling and new primary metal production processes.