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"Royce at the University of Sheffield is leading the Advanced Metals Processing research area of the Henry Royce Institute. We are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to help accelerate university and industry ideas through to an industry production scale in order to meet our global challenges.

Over two purpose-built sites, our dynamic team of engineers support a vertically-integrated factory that can produce new alloys through to near net shape products through both solid and liquid processing.  We are already assisting the development of new UK supply chains in sectors ranging from space components to electric car parts from recycled aerospace waste."

Professor Martin Jackson
Research Area Lead - Advanced Metals Processing | Royce at the University of Sheffield


Royce at the University of Sheffield supports world-leading academics and engineers in materials research, accelerating metals discovery, processing, characterisation, upscaling, and manufacturing to deliver a digitally integrated, sustainable, and resource-efficient future for UK manufacturers:

  • Enabling national materials research foresighting, collaboration, and strategy
  • Providing access to the latest facilities and capability
  • Catalysing industrial collaboration and exploitation of materials research
  • Fostering materials science skills development, innovation training, and outreach


A leading Partner of the Henry Royce Institute, Royce at the University of Sheffield coordinates operations across two state-of-the-art facilities: the Royce Discovery Centre and the Royce Translational Centre.

Royce at the University of Sheffield manages over £43.5million of facilities, which combined with our knowledge and experience in the field of powder metallurgy, provides a framework that delivers innovation in Advanced Metals Processing.



Royce at the University of Sheffield leads on metals processing innovation which bridges the gap between small-scale laboratory research and industrial-scale manufacturing and processing.

Our unique range of industrial-grade machines are capable of delivering research activities that span Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) one to six, proven by the researchers and SMEs that have utilised our facilities.

Collaborative knowledge has enabled the smooth transition in taking product and process ideas from initial concept, through development, testing, and optimisation, to industry trial. Our facilities accelerate end-to-end research activities, whilst also offering access to equipment or services at any stage of the process.

We believe that collaboration between our researchers, Catapults, and industry will create real solutions in the discovery and creation of innovative material systems, providing significant societal and economic benefit to the UK.

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Royce at the University of Sheffield is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council, part of UK Research & Innovation, and the University of Sheffield.


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