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Alloy Development is a key research activity for Royce at the University of Sheffield, where traditional industries and researchers alike look to new materials to meet the challenges posed in the transition to zero carbon, sustainable manufacture, and fostering a circular economy. 

The world-leading facilities available, Royce Discovery Centre and Royce Translational Centre, capture all stages of discovery and prototyping, from production, through to processing, testing, and characterisation. These have been successfully used in the production of most engineering alloys and development materials, including steels, high temperature super alloys and refractory metal alloys, as well as high purity Ti powder and their powders. 

Previously inaccessible methodologies for accelerated alloy development are unlocked through close synergy with the Near-Net Shape Manufacturing platform. Manufacturing routes can be optimised through collaboration with the Thermomechanical Processing platform, and novel sustainability and recycling protocols are explored by considering a holistic approach to cross-industry alloy development. 

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