Logo for the Think Ahead programmeTHINK AHEAD - Post Graduate Researchers

All post graduate researchers are expected to engage with the  the  Doctoral Development Programme (DDP) to enable the development of transferable skills to enhance their employability.

In addition the Think Ahead Team provides a range of opportunities, information and guidance to support their personal and professional development.

Post Graduate Researcher led events within the faculty

Led, run and managed by PGRs (for PGRs), the purpose of these events is to develop initiatives for the benefit of both PGRs and the University. It enables PGRs to apply their doctoral skills in practice, to enhance their skills as influencers and entrepreneurs. It also provides opportunities for PGRs to gain skills and experience in event management, public engagement, budget management, business development, general management, as well as leadership qualities and skills in cross-faculty networking and networking with external colleagues/organisations. All of these will provide the skills and experience that will enhance participants curriculum vitaes, and promote their employability, whether that be in academia or in the wider business or public sector world.

There are several events aimed at post graduate researchers, which provide the opportunity for students across the Faculty of Engineering to:

  • Raise issues that are important to them
  • Take part in consultations with the University
  • Share their research
  • Help organise their own major events
  • Develop contacts and collaborations
  • Provide social and networking opportunities

PGR Forum

a picture of three PGR's in discussion

Objectives of the PGR Forum

  • To identify, set up and manage initiatives benefitting PGRs as well as the Faculty and University.
  • To quality assure the University‚Äôs provision for PGR students, giving PGRs a strong voice in stating whether the PGR has a good quality experience throughout their journey as a research student.
  • To enable PGRs to contribute to the decision-making of the University and its governance.      
  • To enable the PGRs involved to develop skills, both as leading-edge researchers and as professionals in non-academic careers.
  • To manage a small fund to support PGR-led initiatives.
  • To become more widely accessible, developing online facilities, enabling blogs between universities so that researchers can readily get in touch with researchers at other universities engaged in research areas relevant to them.

Annual Symposium

picture of PGRs attended the annual symposium

This takes place once a year and aims to:

  • spread awareness of current research across the faculty
  • share methods used by different research groups
  • promote possible links and collaboration
  • pose technical challenges and cries for help
  • showcase the work of the faculty of engineering to industry
  • provide the opportunity to network

The last one took place on 24 June 2015 at the Octagon.

Socialising and networking

photo of people at a networking event

If you are organising any network or social events we are happy to help promote these and may have funding to support some events.

Please email e.lawton@sheffield.ac.uk if you are interested

For more information please contact Eunice Lawton. Researcher Development Manager (Engineering) e.lawton@sheffield.ac.uk x22164

or Dr Jonathan Howse - Deputy Head of Engineering Graduate School - student progression j.r.howse@sheffield.ac.uk x27596