Faculty Professional Services Training and Development Group (FPSTDG)

The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health is dedicated to the continued professional development of all staff.  The aims of the FPSTDG are to identify individual and department training needs whilst developing and sharing best practice. The Group links closely with the HR staff development function and facilitates communication of opportunities, skills enhancement and understanding of other areas across the University. It aims to help staff ensure they have the skills and knowledge to implement their objectives and become equipped to meet departmental and University priorities.


MDH Career Contribution Awards

The MDH Faculty Career Contribution Award (CCA), recognises all staff with 20 years’ continuous service and every 5 years thereafter. This is service within the University as a whole so will include those who have worked in more than one Department.

All staff with 20+ years of continuous service are invited to an informal celebratory buffet lunch, receive one day additional annual leave in the award year and are presented with a ‘service recognition’ certificate.


Annual Development Day

Attendance at this event is included in the Faculty Strategic Plan under “Staff Development”. The aim of the event in 2016 was to help staff to identify their career goals and how to work towards them. The event offered additional training facilitated by external speakers, networking opportunities and the chance to reflect on individual Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


GROW mentoring programme

The University's Professional Service Staff mentoring scheme. this scheme originated in the Faculty of MDH and is now a Faculty wide scheme. It is a six month, scheme aimed at helping staff to enhance skills, maximise potential, expand networks and consider career paths by working with others at the University.

“The successful professional mentoring scheme GROW extended across all faculties demonstrates great innovation in leadership, culture, communications and development which supports the vital work of teaching and research."
Professor Sir Keith Burnett, President and Vice-Chancellor

Find out more about GROW


Evaluation Group

This group analyses feedback received following Faculty Professional Services Training & Development events such as bitesize training, annual development day and Professional Service staff Forums.

Evaluation reports are compiled to present an overview of findings, summarise the effectiveness of the session or event and to make recommendations for further action.

The group feeds directly into the FPSTDG and disseminates information as required.


Training Provision

The Training Provision Working group was formed as a sub-group from the FPSTDG. The sub-group's remit is to analyse the raw data collated from staff annual end of year reviews concerning training requirements and turn these into bite-sized sessions (where appropriate) to meet these needs. The group will also sign-post to appropriate training where a bite-sized session is not appropriate or when existing training or resources are already available.


Professional Service Staff Forum

These forums provide Professional Service staff from all over the faculty to gather together, in an informal setting, to network, exchange ideas and learn about work in other areas of the Faculty.


Training Fund

The training fund was introduced in 2010. Ten thousand pounds has been spent each year to support our collective and individual learning and development. Alongside the annual development day, 71 individual awards have been made. These have included support for technical courses, attendance at conferences; training towards qualifications and wide ranging topics which support business needs.

Feedback from staff who have received funding has been overwhelmingly positive:

‘Exactly what technical staff need to undertake teaching roles’

“Has provided a greater theoretical understanding of the duties and tasks I am asked to perform”

“Will really help with the finance reporting for the School and assisting the executive group to understand the overall financial position.”

“Strengthened my role as part of the research team and given me more confidence. Correct usage of statistics is vital to scientific research.”

Any members of faculty professional services are eligible to receive funding.


Work Shadowing Scheme

This scheme aims to provide all members of Professional Services staff with an opportunity to work-shadow colleagues in the Faculty.  Staff may wish to consider work-shadowing if they would like to network with colleagues and gain a greater appreciation of the day-to-day work and processes of another department or role. This may inform personal development and career progression and enable staff to explore the different opportunities which are available.

The scheme could also appeal to those who may wish to advance an existing career and look into suitable avenues for the future, with a focus on available career options, experience or qualifications needed.

Staff can consider being shadowed if they would like to raise their profile within the Faculty, develop management and coaching skills, increase professional networks and contacts or if they would simply like to share knowledge and best practice.