Chloe bate - PhD Student - Department of Human Communication Sciences


Why did you choose The University of Sheffield?

I chose the University of Sheffield because of the great reputation of the department, its expertise in my area of research and to work with my supervisor, Professor Joy Stackhouse.

Why did you choose the project you are studying?

I have a background in Speech and Language and went on to train as a Primary School Teacher. I have always been interested in both language and education and wanted to combine these two areas of interest and experience.

What do you like about your department?

I particularly like the friendly and supportive attitude from both staff and fellow students. I really appreciate the opportunity to be involved in different departmental activities, both academic and social. I also like the fact that the department has good links with other organisations. I have a good space to work in, that I share with other postgraduate research students.

What do you like about the university?

The staff are helpful throughout the university. There are good support services.

How would you describe your relationship with the staff?

Very good. I feel I am listened to and supported, and there is a mutual respect between staff and postgraduate research students.

How would you describe your relationship with other students?

Very good. It's great to have opportunities to work collaboratively with other students. There is a good supportive atmosphere and social network.