A Common Ground

Sarah Craft, MA Landscape Architecture

Design work by Sarah Craft

Sarah says: "Ardwick is home to marginalised groups of society, however most fear it will not be home for long. As Manchester’s first park in 100 years, Mayfield, is constructed just across the road and HS2 is set to arrive at neighbouring Piccadilly station, displacement is anticipated. A common ground reverses this recurring issue through the provision of equitable foundations ; a community land trust (CLT) and a stable framework ; facilities and vegetation."

"Co-production and the creation of an urban commons are central to the project. Our environment affects our identity, enabling residents to shape both themselves and their environment holds a powerful role in empowerment and building self esteem. Climate resilient vegetation improves the existing landscape whilst providing a framework residents can build upon. Inevitably wealthier residents will move in, but the CLT protects existing residents allowing a broader demographic to grow and therefore a resilient, equal neighbourhood."

This project can found on page 75 of our 2021 exhibition catalogue. Click the link below to access the full catalogue or download a copy of this project.

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