Encountering the Commons

Emily Hull, MA Landscape Architecture

Design work by Emily Hull

Emily says: "Beirut’s rhythm is defined by its uncertain future as much as its turbulent past. Both are embodied throughout the landscape, from bullet-holed buildings left vacant to a backdrop of cranes which symbolise the continuous recreation of the city. However, in the everyday, it is citizens’ actions, movements and exchanges which recreate the city."

"The design shapes a space for the common good. It aims to ‘return to common use the spaces that power had seized’ (Agamben, 2005). An architecture of messy assemblages, diversity and change results (Butler, 2006). The tree planting strategy is a bold statement about a common future for the city. Users can define the space from the initial stages. Diverse spaces of encounter result from the evolving strategy, which works with the way people appropriate space to facilitate vibrant conviviality and socio-ecological resilience."

This project can found on page 121 of our 2020 exhibition catalogue. Click the link below to access the full catalogue or download a copy of this project.

Proposals for Hopeful Places