Milton Comm[unity] Project

Madeline Leong, BSc Landscape Architecture

Design work by Madeline Leong

Madeline says: "the importance of home design and green spaces has been highlighted by the global pandemic. The need to rethink access to green and housing infrastructure is imperative and will be one of the factors that tests urban resilience."

"Additionally, with more people working from home, and nearly two thirds of businesses adopting some form of flexible-work policy, conversion of mono-use of spaces should be thought of. There is a realisation that space and nature are a need, not a luxury and wellbeing must be a priority in the design of spaces."

"At Milton Comm[unity], it recognised that people need flexible and adaptable spaces to carry out daily activities."

"This project considers different scales and experiences, ranging from relationships between built form to open spaces, private and public, intimacy gradients, thresholds and individual personalization of spaces."

Milton Comm[unity] Project