How to apply

University staff or students can apply for new parking permits or renew existing permits by clicking on the link below. You will need your University MUSE login details to use the system.

Parking Permit Application

Any problems

If you are having difficulty accessing Permit Applications please contact the Help Desk on 0114 222 9000.

Appeals against failure to qualify for a Category ‘B’ parking permit

The online permit application software system is programmed to determine the eligibility of users for a Category B parking permit. A random sample of straight-forward applications is checked by Parking Services and all applications quoting 'additional considerations' in the criteria section are visited to determine whether they merit a special approval.

Applicants whose ‘B’ request has been rejected and feel unjustly treated may appeal against the decision by writing with the grounds for their dissatisfaction to Parking Services. If, after revisiting the application with this information, it is still rejected, appellants may have their case reviewed by the Appeals Panel.

Q Park logoDiscounted parking in the Durham Road Q-Park

University staff are eligible to discounted parking in the Q-Park on Durham Road, S10 2JA.

The simple process for getting a Daily Value Card is managed by Q-Park; once you have the card you are eligible to park for £6 per day.

For an application form, email