A-Z list of postgraduate taught courses

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Accounting, Governance and Financial Management - MSc

Acquired Communication Disorders - Msc/Diploma/Certificate

Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies - MSc(Res)

Advanced Aerospace Technologies - MSc

Advanced Computer Science - MSc

Advanced Control and Systems Engineering - MRes

Advanced Control and Systems Engineering - MSc

Advanced Control and Systems Engineering (with Industrial Management) - MSc

Advanced Control and Systems Engineering (with Industry) - MSc

Advanced Electrical Machines, Power Electronics and Drives - MSc

Advanced Emergency Care (Online) - MSc/Diploma/Certificate

Advanced Professional Practice - MA

Advanced Manufacturing Management - Executive MBA

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies - MSc(Res)

Advanced Mechanical Engineering - MSc

Advanced Metallurgy - MMet

Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner - MMedSci

Advanced Nursing Studies - Cert/Dip/MMedSci (distance learning)

Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioner - MMedSci

Advanced Software Engineering - MSc(Eng)

Advancing Practice (Modular Framework) - PGCert/Dip/MMedSci

Aegean Archaeology - MA

Aerodynamics and Aerostructures - MSc(Res)

Aerospace Engineering - MSc

Aerospace Technologies, Advanced - MSc

Aerospace Materials - Msc(Eng)

American History - MA

Applied GIS - MSc

Applied Linguistics with TESOL - MA/Diploma

Applied Professional Studies in Education (part-time) - MA (distance learning)

Archaeology - MA

Archaeology of the Classical Mediterranean - MA

Architectural Design - MA

Architectural Engineering Design - MSc(Eng)

Architecture - MArch

Architecture and Landscape Architecture - MArch

Architecture: Collaborative Practice - MArch

Autonomous and Intelligent Systems - MSc


Biblical Studies, Interdisciplinary - MRes

Biochemical Engineering with Industrial Management - MSc(Eng)

Bioengineering: Biomedical Imaging and Sensing - MSc (Eng)

Biological and Bioprocess Engineering - MSc(Eng)

Biological Imaging - MSc

Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine - MSc

Biomedical Science - MSc

Broadcast Journalism - MA/Postgraduate Diploma

Business Administration - MBA

Business Finance and Economics - MSc


Cardiovascular Medicine: From Molecules to Man - MRes

Catalan Studies - MA

Chemistry - MSc

Chemistry - MSc(Res)

Civil Engineering – MSc(Eng)

Cities and Global Development - MA

Clinical Neurology - MSc

Clinical Research - MSc/Diploma/Certificate

Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience - MSc

Cognitive Neuroscience and Human Neuroimaging - MSc(Res)

Cognitive Studies - MA

Commercial Real Estate - MA

Composition - MA

Computational Medicine - MSc

Computer Science, Advanced - MSc

Computer Science with Speech and Language Processing - MSc

Control and Systems Engineering, Advanced - MSc

Control and Systems Engineering (with Industrial Management), Advanced - MSc

Control and Systems Engineering with Industry, Advanced - MSc

Cost-Effectiveness Modelling for Health Technology Assessment - PGCert (online)

Creative and Cultural Industries Management - MSc

Creative Writing - MA

Crossways in Cultural Narratives - MA

Cultural Heritage Management - MA

Cultural Materials - MA

Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence - MSc


Data Analytics - MSc

Data Communications - MSc(Eng)

Data Science - MSc

Dementia Studies - MA

Dental Materials Science - MSc

Dental Public Health - MDPH

Dental Technology - MSc

Diagnostic Oral Pathology - MMedSci

Digital Architecture and Design - MSc

Digital Library Management - MSc

Digital Media and Society - MA


Early Childhood Education - EdD (School of Education website)

Early Childhood Education - MA

Early Childhood Education (part time) - MA (distance learning)

Early Modern History - MA

Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics - MSc(Eng)

East Asian Business - MSc

East Asia, Politics and Media in - MA/Certificate/Diploma

Ecology and Environment - MRes

Economics - MSc

Economics and Health Economics - MSc

Economics and Public Policy- MSc

Education - MA

Education: Language and Education - MA

Education, Applied Professional Studies in - MA

Education, Early Childhood - MA (distance learning)

Education, Globalising: Policy and Practice - MA

Education, Postgraduate Certificate in (PGCE) - see Education, Postgraduate Diploma in (PGDE)

Education, International Postgraduate Certificate in (iPGCE) (online course)

Education, Postgraduate Diploma in (PGDE)

Education, Psychology and - MA

Education, Psychology and - MSc (conversion course)

Educational and Child Psychology, Doctor of

Educational Studies - EdD (School of Education website)

Education, Teaching and Learning, MA

Electronic and Electrical Engineering - MSc(Eng)

Emergency Care (Advanced) - MSc

Endodontics - DClinDent

Energy Engineering with Industrial Management - MSc(Eng)

English Language and Linguistics - MA

English Literature - MA

English Studies - MA (online) (distance learning)

Entomology, Practical - MSc

Environmental and Energy Engineering - MSc(Eng)/Diploma

Environmental Archaeology and Palaeoeconomy - MSc

Environmental Change and International Development - MSc

Ethnomusicology - MA

European and Global Affairs - MA

Europubhealth+ (European Public Health Master)

Evolution and Behaviour – MRes

Executive MBA in Advanced Manufacturing Management


Finance - MSc

Finance and Accounting - MSc

Financial Economics - MSc

French Studies Research Track - MA


General Practice Advanced Nurse Practitioner - MMedSci

Genomic Approaches to Drug Discovery - MSc

Genomic Medicine - MSc

Germanic Studies - MA (Programme Track)

Germanic Studies - MA (Research Track)

Global History - MA

Global Journalism - MA

Global Marketing Management - MSc

Global Political Economy - MA

Globalising Education: Policy and Practice - MA


Health Economics and Decision Modelling - MSc/Diploma/Certificate

Health Informatics - MSc (distance learning)

Higher Education - EdD (School of Education website)

Hispanic Studies - MA

Historical Research - MA

Human Anatomy with Education - MSc

Human and Molecular Genetics - MSc

Human Nutrition - MSc/PG Diploma

Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology - MSc

Human Resource Management with CIPD Pathway - MSc


Information Management - MSc

Information Systems - MSc

Information Systems Management - MSc

Intercultural Communication - MA

Intercultural Communication and International Development - MA

Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies - MRes

International Criminology - MA

International Criminology - PGCert

International Dental Public Health - MClinDent

International Development - MA

International Development - MPH (Masters in Public Health)

International Finance and Economics - MSc

International Health Management and Leadership - MSc/Diploma/Certificate (distance learning)

International Health Technology Assessment, Pricing and Reimbursement - MSc/Diploma/Certificate (distance learning)

International Management - MSc

International Management and Marketing - MSc

International Public and Political Communication - MA

International Relations - MA

International Social Change and Policy - MSc


Journalism - MA/Postgraduate Diploma

Journalism - see Broadcast Journalism, Global Journalism, Magazine Journalism and Journalism


Landscape Archaeology - MA

Landscape Architecture - MA/PGDip

Landscape Management - MA/PGDip

Landscape Studies - MA/PGDip

Language and Communication Impairment in Children - MSc/Diploma/Certificate (distance learning)

Language and Education - MA - see Education: Language and Education - MA

Language, Learning and Teaching - EdD (School of Education website)

Latin American Studies - MA

Law - LLM

Law - LLM Corporate and Commercial Law

Law - LLM (Doshisha)

Law - LLM European Law

Law - LLM International Law and Global Justice

Law - MA

Law - Graduate Diploma

Legal Practice Course (MA in Legal Practice) - MA

Librarianship - MA

Library and Information Services Management - MA (distance learning)

Literacy and Language - EdD (School of Education website)

Literature, Culture and Society 1700–1900 - MA

Logistics and Supply Chain Management - MSc


Magazine Journalism - MA/Postgraduate Diploma

Management - MSc

Management (International Business) - MSc

Managing Long-Term Health Conditions - Postgraduate Certificate

Marketing Management Practice - MSc

Master of Public Health - MPH

Master of Public Health (online) - MPH/Diploma/Certificate

Master of Public Health (Health Services Research) - MPH

Master of Public Health (Management and Leadership) - MPH

Masters of Public Health by Distance Learning - MPH

Materials Science and Engineering - MSc

Materials Science with Nanomaterials - MSc - see Nanomaterials and Materials Science - MSc

Mathematics - MSc

MBA in Business Administration

MBA, Executive in Advanced Manufacturing Management

Mechanical Engineering, Advanced - MSc

Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management - MSc

Medical Education - PG Cert

Medicine in Society - MA

Medieval Archaeology - MA

Medieval History - MA

Metallurgy (Advanced) - MMet

Modern History - MA

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology - MSc

Molecular and Cellular Basis of Human Disease - MSc

Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology - Postgraduate Certificate

Molecular Medicine - MSc

Molecular Medicine (Clinical Applications) - MSc

Money, Banking and Finance - MSc

Multilingual Information Management - MA

Musculoskeletal Ageing - MRes

Music: Composition - MA

Music: Ethnomusicology - MA

Music: Psychology for Musicians - MA/Postgraduate Certificate

Music: Psychology of Music - MA

Music: Sonic Arts - MA

Music: Traditional Music of the British Isles – MA (distance learning)

Music: World Music Studies - MA (distance learning)

Music Management - MA

Music Performance Studies - MA

Music Psychology in Education - MA/Postgraduate Certificate (distance learning)

Musicology - MA


Nanomaterials and Materials Science - MSc

Neonatal Intensive Care - Postgraduate Certificate

Neuroscience - MSc

Nuclear Science and Technology - MSc

Nursing Studies, Advanced - MMedSci/Postgraduate Certificate/Postgraduate Diploma

Nursing Studies leading to professional registration as an Adult Nurse - Postgraduate Diploma


Occupational Psychology - MSc

Orthodontics - DClinDent

Orthodontics - MClinDent

Osteoarchaeology - MSc


Paediatric Dentistry - DClinDent

Paediatric Dentistry - MClinDent

Paediatric Nurse Practitioner, Advanced - MMedSci

Palaeoanthropology - MSc

Particle Physics - MSc(Res)

Periodontics - DClinDent

Philosophy - MA

Physician Associate Studies - Postgraduate Diploma

Plant and Microbial Biology – MRes

Polar and Alpine Change – MSc(Res)

Political Theory - MA

Politics, Governance and Public Policy - MA

Politics and Media in East Asia - MA/Certificate/Diploma

Polymers and Polymer Composite Science and Engineering - MSc(Eng)

Polymers for Advanced Technologies - MSc

Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) - see Education, Postgraduate Diploma in (PGDE)

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

Practical Entomology - MSc

Process Safety and Loss Prevention - MSc(Eng)/Diploma

Prosthodontics - DClinDent

Psychological Research Methods - MSc

Psychological Research Methods and Advanced Statistics - MSc

Psychology and Education - MA

Psychology and Education (Conversion) - MSc

Psychology for Musicians - MA/Postgraduate Certificate (distance learning)

Psychology of Music - MA

Public Health - MPH

Public Health (online) - MPH

Public Health (Health Services Research) - MPH

Public Health (Management and Leadership) - MPH


Quantum Photonics and Nanomaterials - MSc(Res)


Real Estate Planning and Development - MA

Reproductive and Developmental Medicine - MSc

Robotics - MSc


Science Communication - MSc

Screen Translation - MA

Semiconductor Photonics and Electronics - MSc(Eng)

Social Research - MA

Social Work - MA

Software Engineering, Advanced - MSc(Eng)

Software Systems and Internet Technology - MSc

Sonic Arts - MA

Speech Difficulties - MSc/Diploma/Cert

Speech and Language Therapy - MMedsci

Statistics - MSc (distance learning available)

Statistics with Financial Mathematics - MSc

Statistics with Medical Applications - MSc (distance learning available)

Steel Construction - MSc(Eng)

Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine - MSc

Structural and Concrete Engineering - MSc(Eng)

Structural Engineering - MSc(Eng)

Sustainable Agricultural Technologies - MSc

Sustainable Architecture Studies – MSc


Teaching and Learning in Higher Education - MEd (School of Education website)

Theatre and Performance Studies - MA

Town and Regional Planning - MA

Traditional Music of the British Isles – MA (distance learning)

Translation Studies - MA

Translational Neuropathology - MSc

Translational Neuroscience - MSc

Translational Oncology - MSc(Res)


Urban Design - MA

Urban Design and Planning - MA


Vision and Strabismus - MMedSci/Diploma/PG Cert (distance learning)


Water Engineering - MSc(Eng)

Wireless Communication Systems - MSc(Eng)

Work Psychology - MSc

World Music Studies - MA (distance learning)