Bees, bodies and bugs – engineering a future for our planet

Students working with microscopes at an Excellence Hub event at the Kroto Research InstituteA Level students from across South Yorkshire were recently given the unique opportunity to learn how science and engineering could shape both the future of our planet and their own career path.

In this Excellence Hub event hosted by The University of Sheffield, students were given a rare insight into the ground breaking research being carried out by the Kroto Research Institute (KRI). Students were given the opportunity to take part in a range of exciting interactive workshops and find out about the array of study and career opportunities in the fields of Science and Engineering.

Students were able to experience first-hand how Bioengineers are researching new ways to repair the human body, from developments in medical implants such as joint replacements and cardiac stents to tissue engineering for skin and nerve repair. Students also learned how KRI researchers in Computer Science, Maths and Aerospace Engineering were working to create the first accurate computer model of a honey bee brain in a bid to advance our understanding of Artificial Intelligence and how animals think. Finally, students donned lab coats and entered the Bioscience research labs to explore how the microscopic life in our rivers can help monitor pollution.

The event was designed to demonstrate how the fields of Science and Engineering are closely entwined and to inspire students to progress on to Higher Education and career options within the fields of Science and Engineering.

The event was supported by University’s Outreach Team and the Excellence Hub – a regional collaboration between the Universities of Hull, Leeds, Sheffield and York.

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