Teacher updates on changes affecting this year’s applicants

Students and advisors in discussionThe last academic year of 2011/12 saw some very significant changes made by the government to Higher Education student number controls.

Gavin Douglas, Head of Student Recruitment, Admissions and International Relations at the University, had this to say:

“This last year has been a challenging one not only for pupils but also for teachers working with university applicants as they have had to keep up with a number of significant changes in the HE sector.  Over the last year we ran briefing events for heads and teachers covering, for example, the changes for candidates with AAB grades and the implications for pupils and for their advisers.  Teachers have commented on how helpful these have been and so we have decided to extend this work by providing extra briefing information on current and further changes planned for 2012/13."

Whilst press headlines in early 2012 focussed on higher tuition fees, another significant change taking place in the Higher Education landscape was the removal by the HE Funding Council of controls on the numbers of higher achieving students recruited by universities.

Whilst this development covered students with grades of AAB and higher in 2012/13, this will be extended to ABB+ in 2013/14 (i.e. for students applying to HE this year and starting next academic year).

See our links for a list of ABB+ equivalences on the HE Funding Council website and our Open Days.

For any queries relating to admissions, please firstly look on the link to our dedicated Applicant Information Desk (AID).  On this webpage you will find key information regarding application to the University and also a range of contacts for specific queries.

Contact details for AID are: www.shef.ac.uk/aid/contact