Brilliant Club PhD students' success

imageThe University of Sheffield has now been partnered with The Brilliant Club for two years and school pupils from across the local area have been achieving great things as part of this collaboration.

The Brilliant Club’s Scholars Programme gives school pupils the opportunity to study in small tutorials led by PhD researchers, before working on a big assignment to complete the programme. The assignment is usually the longest piece of work that students have completed to date and it is marked at a key stage above their current level - no mean feat!

The students are rising to the challenge and producing excellent pieces of work. In 2017, a student from Birley Academy, taught by Tamsyn Fraser from the Department of Archaeology at the University of Sheffield, even had their work published in The Scholar, The Brilliant Club’s showcase magazine for the amazing work being produced by pupils all around the country.

Of her teaching with the Brilliant Club, Tamsyn has said "It is a great opportunity to make more people aware of my research and hopefully inspire the next generation of researchers.”

The University also hosts launch and graduation trips as part of the programme to give participating pupils a chance to experience a research-intensive university environment. The graduation trips in particular are a highlight of the year, with lots of young people from across the region celebrating their success!

Further information

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