Degree Classification (Undergraduate)

Guidance on how the method of degree classification operates for undergraduate students on modular programmes of study, together with a fully worked example, is provided in the document "Guidance on Degree Classification Methodology" available from the link in the Downloads box on the right.

An animated tutorial describing step by step how to calculate a degree classification for a 3-year Bachelor's degree, based on the methodology described in the above document, is below.

The formal description of the current method for degree classification is set out in the University's General Regulations for First Degrees in paragraphs 40 to 51. Links to the University's General Regulations for First Degrees and to the University's Undergraduate Examination Conventions are also provided for information in the See Also box on the right.

You may also find information on how degree awards and degree classifications are determined for modular programmes of study in the course/student handbook provided by your academic department.