Choosing your programme of study at Sheffield

Before completing an application form, you and your academic advisers should look at the modules on offer at Sheffield.

You need to be sure the level of study here is right for you, and that the modules you choose will meet your home degree requirements.

The Global Opportunities & Exchanges team and the academic departments here cannot do the course matching for you. We can help with module outlines to assist you.

Important advice

screen shot of the directory of modules - semester

  • Do not select graduate modules. These are not open to you. These are courses starting with a '6' e.g. POL6001

screen shot of the directory of modules - grad modules

  • Making a Study Plan before applying

  • Write a list of modules that you need to take whilst attending Sheffield.
  • The modules you put on your application should be the ones you *MUST* take in order to carry on with the progression of your degree.
  • These are the modules Sheffield can gain pre approval for from academic departments.
  • You may have other modules are that are of interest/electives/flexible. Sheffield doesn't need to know about these ones or gain pre-approval for, as they are flexible and you can deal with these on arrival.
  • Gaining module approval from academic departments is the part which takes the most time. Sheffield can only process critical/important modules for students.
  • The more modules you choose; in a variety of departments will slow down the approval process and in turn this will increase how long it takes for us to make you an offer.
  • All students MUST sign up and register for ALL modules on arrival, so you will not be at a disadvantage by only selecting the most important modules.

Module System, Loads, Credits & More!

Courses at Sheffield are known as modules. Modules are made up of regularly scheduled class sessions of one or more hours per week during the semester. Depending on the subject area, these may include lectures, seminars, tutorials and labs.

Find out more about Sheffield modules