Governance and Supported Committees


The Governance Team provides support for all meetings of the Council, Senate and Audit Committee, as well as meetings of the University Executive Board. We are responsible for reviewing, advising on and maintaining the University's central regulatory framework (Charter, Statutes and Regulations), as well as the membership of committees of the Senate and Council. The almanac of central University committee meetings is maintained by the Governance team. The Governance Team comprises the Head of Governance (Sue Stephens), two Senior Governance and Policy Officers (David Swinn and Matthew Borland), a Governance Officer (Rebecca Barker) and a Governance Assistant (Kathryn Clements).

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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee supports the Council in discharging its responsibility for adequate and effective risk management, control and governance and for the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the University's activities.

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Council Nominations Committee

Recommends to Council on the appointment of the lay officers (Treasurer and Pro-Chancellors), members of Council and representatives of Council on other committees; makes appointments to the boards of University subsidiaries.

Senate Nominations Committee

Recommends to Senate on the appointment of representatives of the Senate to serve on other committees. Maintains oversight of the composition of Senate committees in terms, for example of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Strategic Advisory Group - Student Numbers and Fees

The Strategic Advisory Group - Student Numbers and Fees has responsibility for the corporate overview of fee-setting and student numbers.

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Senate Budget Committee

The SBC comments on resource allocation and budget setting processes and reports its opinions to Senate.

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Risk Review Group

The Risk Review Group supports the University Executive Board in the management of risk across the University. It ensures the corporate risks are aligned with the University┬┤s objectives and reflect the internal and external environment; it monitors the hierarchy of risk within the University, and is responsible for assurance and reporting of risk management across the University.

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