Relevant Policies

Policies supporting the case for AREC are outlined in the table below. You can download these policies/ documents by clicking on the hyperlinks in the table, or clicking on the download icons to the right of this webpage.

Resource Security Action Plan (BIS, 2012) The Resource Security Action Plan from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) states: “Government’s objective is to bring better resource use criteria into the mainstream, so they routinely included in the range of minimum and best practice product standards”.

The long term vision to achieve this objective is set out, stating:
“The Government is putting innovation and research at the heart of its growth agenda through greater investment and increased collaboration”

Infrastructure Carbon Review (HM Treasury, 2013) The UK is committed to driving forward the delivery of strategic new infrastructure alongside the renewal and maintenance of existing infrastructures. These initiatives aim to embed low carbon practices into business activities, leading to reduced energy demand and pressure on resources.
Climate Change Act 2008 (HM Government, 2008) The UK set out legally binding requirements for the UK to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% against 1990 levels by 2050. The European Union (EU) issued similar directives in 2011, proposing cuts in Greenhouse Gas Emissions of “80 to 95%” by 2050 (Commission of the European Union, 2011).
A Resource Efficienct Europe - Flagship Initiative under the Europe 2020 Strategy (Commission of the European Union, 2011) EU outlined the need for promoting a “resource efficient” Europe, one that is less reliant on scarce fuels and materials, with greater levels of food and energy security, and therefore increase EU member state’s resilience against global commodity and energy prices.
Eight Great Technologies (Willets, 2013) The UK Government’s vision of future scientific research into the “8 Great Technologies”, developing great research with practical industrial application influence the focus of sectors and their supply chains in Supply Chain Resource Sustainability.