Chaplaincy trip to Lincoln Cathedral

An image of students on a trip to Lincoln
Twelve students joined Sabine and Rob from the Chaplaincy for a fantastic day trip to Lincoln Cathedral and the city of Lincoln.
Despite it being Friday 13th (of May) we were blessed with sunny weather, making the cathedral and the city particularly stunning.
After the 75-minute train journey from Sheffield, we walked from Lincoln Station to the cathedral - the last part up a steep hill.
We then took a guided tour of the enormous cathedral, which has major significance in British history and at one point was believed to be the tallest building in the world!
After lunch at the cathedral's cafe, we split into two groups for the 'roof tour'. This involved climbing ancient stone spiral staircases up to the rafters of the roof. There were two viewing points across the city, including over the impressive castle nearby.
From mid-afternoon there was free time to explore the castle and Lincoln's interesting shops and cafes. The students were free to return to Sheffield with Rob on a nominated train or later if they wished.
We plan to run this trip in the 2022-23 academic year. If you want to be among the first to know about it, sign up to our monthly Chaplaincy Centre mailing here.

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