How to download and add our fonts


How to install our fonts on your device

1. Download our fonts 

2. Locate the font files in the downloads section of your desktop.

fonts downloaded to a downloads folder

3. Unzip both fonts by right clicking > extract to.

Unzipping fonts

4. Open the font folder and select all (Ctrl + A or drag select).

Open font folder

5. Right click all selected files and press install, the fonts should now appear in all applicable software.

Installing fonts

How to add our fonts to Google Suite applications 

1. Click into a Google Suite application eg slides. 

Selecting Google Slides

2. Locate the font drop down and press 'more fonts'.

Clicking 'more fonts'

3. Type 'Source Sans Pro' or 'Source Serif Pro' into the search bar.

Selecting Source Sans Pro and Source Serif Pro

4. Click 'add' and the fonts will display to the right under 'My fonts'

Showing Source in 'My fonts'

5. The fonts should now be displayed in the font dropdown menu.

Showing Source in font list

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