We offer Mandarin, cultural and children's courses at the Confucius Institute, please use the links below for more information.

2017-2018 Timetable (Mandarin, Qigong/Kungfu, Tai Chi and Dance, for EVERYONE, adults.)

2017-2018 Timetable (Foundation, Mandarin, Math, Arts, Kung Fu and Dance for CHILDREN and parents).

Mandarin Courses

Interested in learning Mandarin? No matter what your current proficiency is, we have courses and classes available for you.

If you want a taster of learning Mandarin why not try our 'Survival Chinese' evening classes which require no previous knowledge of Mandarin.

If you prefer more personal tuition, we offer private Mandarin tuition for those who want 1-1 or 1-2 Mandarin sessions. Prior to starting this, a free meeting will be arranged to assess your level of Mandarin.

There are also 12-week Mandarin classes for varying abilities, which follow the University's semester timetable and will be starting on Septemeber 25th.

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Cultural Courses

We have a variety of cultural courses on offer here at the Confucius Institute, ranging from Chinese music to martial arts.

Our Chinese Zither (Guzheng) Beginners’ class will teach you about traditional Chinese music and is for all. Adult and Children's classes will be seperate and there is a maximum of 3 people in a particular class.

We have also offered calligraphy classes in the past, which are for beginners and teach you the basics of Chinese characters and their cultural significance.

For a more physical activity, we have Tai Chi classes which will teach you the basics of an extremely popular form of martial art. These courses are 12 weeks long and start around January and August.

We also have classes for children, as we offer Kung Fu classes on Saturdays for ages 5 and above.

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Children's Courses

Mandarin language tuition for children is offered through the CI's affiliated Star Mandarin School, which is open to children aged 4-18, on Saturdays.

Two streams of teaching programmes are offered for English-speaking children (aged ~5 and aged >8) and for Chinese-heritage children.

Beginners' Courses start in September every year. Children who have learned Mandarin Chinese before can enroll at any time.

We also offer art and drawing classes, foundation classes for very young children aged 3.5 to 5, dance and maths classes.

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