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We cater for all and all ages, from infants to seniors, including university staff, students and the general public.

We offer supports, including Mandarin Chinese, cultural workshops and consultancy to business, industry, civic organisations, schools and local communities. The venue can be in-house (within the University), on site at an organisation or at school. 

All Courses

Mandarin for All, anyone aged 18 and above  成人部

Interested in learning Mandarin? No matter what your current proficiency is, we have a course available for you.

'Survival Chinese', 5-evenings' class, gives you a basic knowledge and taster. It runs in September and early February, just before 12-w courses start. 

"Chinese for Everyone" 12-week Mandarin courses, gives you a systematic study at different levels.  They follow the University's semester dates, therefore are offered twice a year, starting in September and February, respectively. 

Private Mandarin tuition is for those who want 1-1 or 1-2 Mandarin sessions, progressing at your own pace and efficiency. Prior to starting this, a free meeting is arranged to assess your level of Mandarin.

Click for current Timetable (Mandarin and Tai Chi),  and  Calendar: University Semester Dates

School for Children (Mandarin, Math, Arts, Kungfu, Dance) 青少部/星星中文学校

Mandarin language tuition for children is offered through the CI's affiliated Star Mandarin School, which is open to children aged 3.5-18, on Saturdays.

Two streams of teaching programmes are offered for English-speaking children (aged ~5 and aged >8) and for Chinese-heritage children.

Beginners' Courses start in September every year. Children who have learned Mandarin Chinese before can enroll at any time.

Click for Timetable (Foundation, Mandarin, Math, Arts, Kung Fu and Dance);  and  School Calendar 2018-2019.

Mandarin for Business 商务汉语

For any business and civic organisation, "Vocational Chinese" and "Survival Chinese" allow the staff to be trained in Mandarin in order to improve their services and businesses, or to be equipped with with the language and cultural skills necessary to work and travel to China.

These are tailor-made courses, time is flexible.

Mandarin for Schools 快乐汉语行

Mandarin language for Schools can be introduced for FREE, either during school time (within curricular time) or  after school (as an extra-curricular subject).

These are tailor-made courses, time is flexible.

For more information, please contact us.