Verification and Testing Research Group

The Verification and Testing Research Group is one of the largest research groups of its kind in the UK.  Focusing equally on theory and practice, its research mission is to apply new developments in theoretical computer science to practical software engineering solutions for industry.

The group investigates a number of areas, including algebraic modelling and verification, state-based and concurrent refinement, parallel and evolutionary algorithms, massive multi-agent simulation, non-Turing and heterotic computing, model-based and search-based testing, reverse engineering, model-driven engineering, XML data processing and empirical software engineering.

The Verification and Testing Research Group grew out of earlier groups in Correct Systems and Theory Research dating back to 1986. The group has spawned two further research groups and overseen the launch of several software companies and an industry-facing technology-transfer institute.  The group's strong relationship with major industry players, such as IBM, Daimler, KPMG and Costain is testament to the relevance of our work.

email : Prof Georg Struth, joint Head of Group

email : Dr Anthony J H Simons, joint Head of Group

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