Principal Investigators in the Integrated Bioscience

Below is a list of current academic staff in the Integrated Bioscience Research Group in Sheffield. Each person's name links through to their personal profile, where available.

Group Management structure:

Group Lead: Dr Graham Stafford
PGR selector: Dr Helen Colley

Name Area of Expertise Email Telephone
Dr D Andrew Anatomy and Physiology of pain 0114 271 7830
Dr S Atkins Peripheral Nerve Injuries 0114 226 5462
Dr L Bingle Innate immune proteins and immune responses, 3D models of normal and cancerous salivary glands 0114 2717953
Prof FM Boissonade Inflammatory and neuropathic pain, nerve regeneration 0114 271 7850
Dr Helen Colley 3D mucosal models and cancer drug delivery 0114 2717963
Prof I Douglas Oral Microbiology, Host-pathogen interactions 0114 2717958
Dr C Elcock TBC 0114 2717885
Prof PM Farthing Diagnostic Oral Pathology, Mucosal Immunology 0114 2717951
Prof CD Franklin Oral Pathology 0114 2717955
Prof G Griffiths Periodontitis: diagnosis and treatments 0114 2717933
Dr S Hunt miRNA, cell biology, oral cancer 0114 2717963
Prof K Hunter Pathology of oral cancer development 0114 2717956
Dr. Syed Ali Khurram Pathobiology, Cancer invasion and metastasis 0114 22 65477
Dr D Lambert Molecular mechanisms of cancer, miRNA 0114 2717959
Prof A Loescher Trigeminal nerve injury and Facial Pain 0114 2717849
Dr C Murdoch Infection and cancer tissue models, immunity 0114 2765458
Prof A Rawlinson Periodontology: Diagnosis and treatment 0114 2717840
Prof H Rodd Mechanisms of inflammatory pain 0114 2717885
Prof P Speight Patholobiology, biomarkers & screening for oral cancer 0114 2717951
Dr Joey Shepherd Microbiology, models of infection

Dr G Stafford

Molecular microbiology of biofilms and pathogen-host interactions 0114 2717959
Prof M Thornhill Treatment, modelling, mechanisms & genetics of oral disease 0114 2717857
Dr S Whawell Integrins & proteases in oral cancer & host-bacteria interactions 0114 2717953