ian douglas

Professor Ian Douglas


Deputy Dean

Director of the University of Sheffield Doctoral Academy

Professor of Microbiology, School of Clinical Dentistry

Contact Details:

School of Clinical Dentistry
Claremont Crescent
S10 2TA

Email: i.douglas@sheffield.ac.uk

  • Methods of detecting infection in epithelium and the development of sensors for specific bacteria in such situations as periodontitis
  • The mechanisms of interaction of bacteria with epithelial cells including invasion
  • Pathogenic mechanisms of oral streptococci in infective endocarditis.
  • Interactions between oral streptococci and salivary components, with a view to understanding how they influence the ecology of oral bacteria.

Research Team

Research Students

  • Aunwaya Kaewpitak (primary)
  • Pavintorn Teratanatorn (second)
  • Firas Al-taweel (second)
  • Sarhang Gul (second)
  • Mohammed Al-Zubidi (second)
  • Andrew Frey (second)
  • Kathryn Naylor (second)
  • Jon Higham (second)
  • Hayley Lunn (second)

Professional Activities

University Administrative Roles

  • Director of the Doctoral Academy
  • Chair of the Doctoral Researcher Strategy Group
  • Chair of the Research Staff Development Committee
  • Member of the Doctoral and Researcher Development Committee
  • Member of the standing group for Quality Assurance of the Doctoral Development Programme

National Administrative Role

  • Editorial Advisory Board of Archives of Oral Biology