Programme fees

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Additional Costs

Any travel, accommodation and subsistence costs relating to the viva examination
Printing and binding of the thesis
Any resubmission or extension fees

It may be necessary for some students to complete a DBS check in order to carry out their research, depending on the research areas that they choose to pursue for their thesis. If the chosen research area does require a DBS check then the student will be liable for the cost (£71 in 2017).

More information on PhD costs and sources of funding can be found on our central University webpage.

You can view information regarding our Tuition Fee Refund Policy here.

Each year there is a range of bursaries and awards/ scholarships for students; however, these change year by year and there is a high level of competition for them.

PhD Scholarships

Information about the PhD Scholarships that are available to students in the School of Education is on the PhD Scholarships webpage.