Professor Kais Atallah

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Contact Details

Tel: +44 (0)114 22 25812

ORCID: 0000-0002-8008-8457


  • Ingenieur D'Etat
  • PhD

Research Interests

  • Magnetic transmission systems
  • Magnetic gears and pseudo direct drive electrical machines
  • Novel permanent magnet machines
  • Interactions between electrical and mechanical components in electromechanical drive-trains
  • Electrical generators and drive-trains for wind turbines
  • Integrated drive-trains for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Novel actuation topologies for the more electric aircraft
  • Flywheel energy storage systems



I joined the University of Sheffield as a PhD student in October 1989, and after a stint as a post-doctoral researcher at the department, I became a member of academic staff in January 2000. My research interests have been concerned with the modelling and design of conventional and novel electromechanical energy conversion devices and magnetic torque/force transmission systems, for many applications, including electric and hybrid vehicles, aerospace actuation systems and renewable energy systems.

More specifically, my research into renewable energy generation, includes novel drivetrains for flywheel systems and wind turbines and the design and analysis of direct-drive and magnetically geared generators. For electric/ hybrid vehicles, my research includes novel rare-earth free traction machines, and modelling and analysis of the interactions between the electrical and mechanical components in electric/ hybrid vehicles drivetrains. For the aerospace sector, my research is concerned with fault tolerant machine and drive systems and the application of novel magnetic transmission devices in order to minimise the risk of jamming in flight control surface electromechanical actuation systems.

Research Students

Student Degree Status Primary/Secondary
Abdelaal AMM PhD Graduated Primary
Al-Mbaideen AAM PhD Graduated Primary
Chelton W PhD Graduated Primary
Chu J PhD Graduated Primary
Fan D PhD Graduated Primary
Good TR PhD Graduated Primary
Hassan MN PhD Graduated Primary
Kanakis A PhD Graduated Primary
Khan ZUA PhD Graduated Primary
Lim WM PhD Graduated Primary
Malik B PhD Graduated Primary
Patchava K PhD Graduated Primary
Patel RA PhD Graduated Primary
Saraireh SS PhD Graduated Primary
Zhu Y PhD Graduated Primary
Arbi AS PhD Graduated Secondary
Patchava K PhD Graduated Secondary
Wang Y PhD Graduated Secondary
Yu X PhD Graduated Secondary
Zhu S PhD Graduated Secondary