behaviour change

Behaviour change is a hugely important area of any environmental work. We're working to support staff and students who want to make change happen across the University. How EFM are supporting Behaviour Change

How to get involved:
Green Impact GreenImpact.jpg(on-campus green teams) Green Impact drives behaviour change through an annual inter-departmental competition.  Staff and student volunteers form green teams who work through an online workbook together to reduce environmental impacts in their area of the University. This action is celebrated with a prestigious awards ceremony. Follow the link to find out more or sign up a team!

Student Switch Off (students in residences) A competition between student residences to reduce energy consumption, with Eco Power Rangers, quizzes and prize of club night tickets and ice cream! Every year the residence saving the most energy is rewarded with a free party in summer.

Environmental Champions- we are working together with Environmental Champions in the Faculty of Science. Their knowledge is vital to help us drive carbon reduction projects in specialist areas such as fume cupboards (see video above) and plant growth rooms.

Is there an Environmental Champion in your department? 
Check this list to find out
- if there is not please email to find out how to sign up!

Case Study- What do Environmental Champions do? This case study shows a small cross-section of the achievements of Champions in Biomedical Science and MBB.

Carbon Trust Switch off campaign- Science departments with labs, and SITraN, have participated in a "Labs Switch Off campaign", which revolves around a "traffic light sticker system". Energy results and savings from the relevant buildings are published in a League Table during the campaign.
Labs switch off league table