I never felt that I was unable to do anything because of having autism and the university was considerate and compassionate

Emily Duckworth
Emily Duckworth
Post-Graduate, PhD Student
Chemical Engineering Student
We asked our student body about their experiences of equality, diversity and inclusion at the University of Sheffield and this is what Emily, Chemical Engineering PhD student said.

What motivated you to pursue a career in Engineering?

I wanted to make a difference to the world, I wanted to help generate new technologies to tackle climate change, and help us overcome the energy crisis we are facing.

How would you describe your time and experiences at University in relation to any challenges or opportunities related to equality, diversity or inclusivity?

I found that the university was incredibly inclusive, and that they supported me very well during my studies. I never felt that I was unable to do anything because of having autism and they were considerate and compassionate. At times I found aspects challenging, but with the extra support it was manageable. A memorable experience is from when I was doing an exam and I was having a panic attack and an invigilator took the time to talk to me and help me calm down.

What sector do you work in?

I am currently in the teaching sector however previously I have worked for a consultancy firm. I have also recently accepted an offer for a PhD project at the University of Sheffield in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering to start in September 2023. My experience at Sheffield was just so positive that I've been longing to go back!

Are there any experiences you have had in previous workplaces, related to equality, diversity and inclusion, that you would like to expand on?

When I was working in the engineering sector, there was a great amount of effort placed onto inclusion. I never felt excluded due to my disability, and when I had to take time off for it, they were incredibly compassionate and considerate.

Do you think diversity in Engineering is important?

It is incredibly important, as different people from different backgrounds can come up with a massive range of solutions, and one could be key to solving the world's problems.

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