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The Diamond’s Machine Shop is part of The Faculty of Engineering’s commitment to Advanced Manufacturing and is home to a variety of tools and associated equipment vital to our students’ practical learning experience.

The Machine Shop currently houses 16 manual lathes, allowing classes of up to 12 students to get hands-on training in fundamental workshop techniques and be fully responsible for producing components from manufacturing drawings.  It also includes Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment, including a lathe and a milling machine, which are combined with CAD/CAM software to convert 3D computer models into highly-accurate machined parts. The machines can be used to produce equipment for student practicals as well as for familiarising students with modern manufacturing techniques.

EA Workshop

Alongside this equipment the Machine Shop has a range of metal cutting band saws. Before using any of the machines, students are taken through a full health and safety induction, including risk assessments, to ensure that they are able to use the equipment safely and in line with industry standard practice.

The EA Machine Shop is primarily used by Engineering Application students as part of their module. However students can get access to these areas for co-curricular and personal projects on Wednesday afternoons and outside of teaching weeks but require students to complete additional training.

EA Workshop
Students will learn:
  • How to identify risks and control measures safely operate workshop equipment to manufacture components.
  • How to manufacture components from engineering drawings within tolerances.
  • The advantages and limitations of common manufacturing methods.
  • How different materials perform when machining.
What equipment is in this lab?
  • CNC Mill and Lathe
  • Manual Lathes
  • Large scale bandsaws (Vertical & Horizontal)
EA Workshop
Links to other Departments:
  • The Machine Shop teaches the fundamentals of using a lathe to students from Mechanical and General Engineering. 
  • Students from co-curricular teams across the engineering faculty may need to use the equipment to manufacture their prototypes.
Which staff are in this lab?
Request Use of Equipment:

Our lathes are available for co curricular and personal project use outside of teaching hours. Please find information about these opportunities by visiting our Diamond+ website.

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