Top engineering students come together at Sheffield for innovative Siemens challenge

Earlier this month, over 70 students travelled to the University of Sheffield to take part in the 48 hour Sir William Siemens Challenge: MindSphere Live.

The aim of the event was to creatively challenge and inspire the most talented university students across a variety of engineering subjects. Working in multi-disciplinary teams, their challenge consisted of being given a set of data collected from our Diamond Building's MindSphere installation and using their programming skills to analyse the data and build a mechanical/electrical device which showcased that data and brought it to life in a unique way.

The winning team will have their creation permanently displayed at the University and have been offered the opportunity of an internship with Siemens.

MindSphere is Siemens’ industrial cloud-based operating system that connects machines and devices via the Internet of Things. The University of Sheffield is the first to join Siemens MindSphere Innovation Network (MINe). The building which houses the MINe is home to thousands of MindSphere sensors, tracking changes in the university’s vicinity and uploading them to the cloud, then allowing the data to be analysed and used to make positive changes to benefit the students and the campus they study and live on.

Putting the students right in the heart of a data-driven environment, the challenge saw 12 teams go head-to-head over a period of 48 hours to build an incredible device to bring their data visualisation ideas to life. The winning team, Team Simotion, made up of students from the universities of Sheffield, Birmingham and Loughborough, used their combined skills in electrical, and mechanical engineering, robotics and computer science to create an incredible beating heart device which was judged – by a team of senior managers and engineers from Siemens - to be the most deserving against the criteria of collaboration, adaptability, problem-solving, data, engineering and creativity

Three of our engineering students were in the winning team - Samuel Maxwell, Marwen Tahar, studying Mechatronics & Robotics Engineering in our Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering and Brandon O’Connell, studying Aerospace Engineering.


Simon Roberts, Talent Acquisition Manager for Entry Level Talent commented, “MindSphere Live has been a truly exciting and innovative way for the Talent Acquisition team and Siemens as a whole to engage with the next generation of future makers.

“It was especially fitting to run such an event in what is the Year of Engineering, helping to showcase just how amazing engineering is! The students’ enthusiasm, focus and commitment to the challenge over the 48 hours was amazing to see. As well as offering a year-long or summer internship to all members of the winning team, we were so impressed by the talent on show that we are going to be offering immediate internships to nearly half of those attending and we hope to see this rise over the coming year

Watch the video of the challenge here