Dr Steve Thornton co-chairs prestigious Brazil-UK bioremediation meeting

Dr Steve Thornton was invited to co-chair a technical session on bioremediation at the Brazil-UK Frontiers of Engineering symposium,

Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)

The event was organised jointly by the Royal Academy of Engineering and São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) in São Paulo, Brazil on 6-8 November 2014. The 2.5 day symposium covered state-of-the-art scientific advances, research gaps and technological challenges in the field.

The bioremediation session included invited presentations from two UK and two Brazilian speakers with academic and industry perspectives on the following themes:

  • New insight into fundamental microbial function and mechanisms for bioremediation (Dr Andrew Singer, CEH Oxford).
  • Advanced tools to assess bioremediation (Dr Rene Schneider, University of São Paulo).
  • Innovative bioremediation technologies and implementation (Dr Mike Spence, CONCAWE/Shell Global Solutions).
  • Bioprospection in contaminated sites (Dr Elen Aquino Perpetuo, Federal University of São Paulo).

The event was attended by over 60 invited delegates from Brazil and the UK.

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