Catchment science and management

This research theme operates at the large scale where science is used to inform policy and practice of government, the Environment Agency and local government.

A view of the former mine that's now Boulby Underground Laboratory from the outside. Rolling hills and the sea are visible in the background.

The challenges are to

  • scale up the detailed process understanding and models from laboratory and plume to catchment scale without losing their validity or using empirical approaches*
  • develop scientific knowledge and engineering tools which will work in the context of modern society

*Such multi-scale modelling in the face of heterogeneity and scarce data is one of the major challenges of environmental engineering.

The work of this research theme is carried out within the Catchment Science Centre (CSC), a collaborative research initiative established jointly by The University of Sheffield and the Environment Agency.

The CSC draws on expertise from across multiple academic departments at Sheffield, and has strong links with national and international academic and non-academic partners. It is a key element in the delivery of the the Environment Agency's Integrated Catchment Science programme.

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