Details about current and past projects from the group.


Natural attenuation

Restoration science and practice

  • Enhancing bioremediation of soils contaminated with organic compounds and heavy metals
  • Microbial fuel cells for enhanced in situ soil and groundwater bioremediation
  • Electrokinetic-enhanced bioremediation of contaminated soil and groundwater
  • Molecular biology approaches for the characterisation and the enhancement of PAH biodegradation in coke oven effluents

Biogeochemical processes

  • More than Methane: Linking geomorphology and biogeochemistry to understand biogas emissions from two wetlands in Svalbard
  • Microbial community dynamics across chemical interfaces and their role in bioremediation of plumes
  • Microbial biofilm development and management in aircraft fuel systems

Catchment science and management

  • Developing microbial and molecular fingerprinting of land drainage systems as a tool to achieve sustainable intensification

Closed projects

Centres of excellence

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