GPRG collaborate on research into the environmental impact of dental restoratives

The GPRG have been awarded a grant from The Shirley Glasstone Hughes Trust Fund and British Dental Association in collaboration with colleagues in the School of Clinical Dentistry at the University of Sheffield.

Male dental lecturer teaches students at lab screen

The grant is to investigate the potential release of organic chemicals into the environment from resin-based composite restoratives. The project, which starts in January 2014 and runs for two years, will investigate the release of key organic compounds used in pre-polymerised and post-polymerised composite-adhesive complexes, that may occur during use and disposal of these materials in routine dental treatment.

The research will attempt to recreate different release scenarios that may occur in the natural environment for the organic chemicals in laboratory experiments and quantify this under controlled conditions.

The aim is to identify the relevant pathways by which the organic chemicals can enter the environment and to quantify this release as a measure of environmental risk.

The laboratory studies will be supported by research surveys of the UK adult population to evaluate the perception of the general public and dental profession to this potental pollution risk. The results will inform good practice in the use and disposal of the dental restoratives.

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