GPRG staff co-author new published handbook on LNAPL fate and transport in the subsurface

Steve Thornton and others in an international team have co-authored a new best practice handbook on the subsurface behaviour of light non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPLs), within a project funded by Shell Global Solutions and managed by CL:AIRE.

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The publication, Illustrated Handbook of LNAPL Fate and Behaviour in the Subsurface, has been prepared in collaboration with other leading researchers and industry practitioners in the UK and Canada, to accompany the highly regarded and well-received companion guidance Illustrated Handbook of DNAPL Transport and Fate in the Subsurface, published by the Environment Agency.

Steve prepared two key chapters in the LNAPL handbook, which is intended to be a concise best-practice tool for use in discussions and negotiations regarding LNAPL-impacted sites. It provides a blend of technical detail and real world conceptualisation of the LNAPL problem and appropriate methods to investigate and manage it.

The handbook also facilitates access to a wealth of detailed research, guidance and case study literature within the various topics covered. It is a useful reference document and technical manual for the practitioner and research communities, and also provides a valuable educational resource to others having a less direct interest or specialised knowledge.

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