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R.G. Taylor, A.A. Cronin, D.N. Lerner, J.H. Tellam, S.H. Bottrell, J. Rueedi and M.H. Barrett (2006) Hydrochemical evidence of the depth of penetration of anthropogenic recharge in sandstone aquifers underlying two mature cities in the UK. Applied Geochemistry, 21, 1570-1592. - David Lerner
Wakida, F.T., Lerner, D.N. (2006). Short communication: Potential nitrate leaching to groundwater from house building. Hydrol. Process, 20, 2077-2081 - David Lerner
Cai, Z., Thomson, N.R., Wilson, R.D., Oswald, S.E. (2006). A lumped parameter approach to model the treatment of organic contaminants by a granular iron filled fracture. Advances in Water Resources, 29, 624-638. Summary Zuansi Cai
Steele, A., Reynolds, D.A., Keuper, B.H., and Lerner, D.N. (2006). Field determination of mechanical aperture, entry pressure and relative permeability of fractures using NAPL injection. Geotechnique, 56(1), 27-38. - David Lerner
Evans, K.A., Banwart, S.A. (2006) Rate controls on the chemical weathering of natural polymineralic material. I. Dissolution behaviour of polymineralic assemblages determined using batch and unsaturated column experiments. Applied Geochemistry, 21, 352-376. - Steve Banwart
Evans, K.A., Watkins, D.C., Banwart, S.A. (2006) Rate controls on the chemical weathering of natural polymineralic material. II. Rate-controlling mechanisms and mineral sources and sinks for element release from four UK mine sites, and implications for comparison of laboratory and field scale weathering studies. Applied Geochemistry, 21, 377-403. - Steve Banwart
Bridge et al (2006). Noninvasive quantitative measurement of colloid transport in mesoscale porous media using time lapse fluorescence imaging. ES&T on-line. Summary Jon Bridge
C.J. Gandy, J.W.N. Smith, A.P. Jarvis (2006)Attenuation of mining-derived pollutants in the hyporheic zone: A review. Science of the Total Environment, In Press. - Jonathan Smith
John Keery, Andrew Binley, Nigel Crook, Jonathan W N Smith (2006) Temporal and spatial variability of groundwater-surface water fluxes: Development and application of an analytical method using temperature time series. Journal of Hydrology. - Jonathan Smith
Wu, Y., Lerner, D.N., Banwart, S.A., Thornton, S.F., Pickup, R.W. (2006) Persistence of Fermentative Process to Phenolic Toxicity in Groundwater. Journal of Environmental Quality, 35, 2021-2025 Summary David Lerner
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Journal articles
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Watson, I.A., Oswald, S.E., Banwart, S.A., Crouch, R.S., and Thornton, S.F. (2005). Modeling the dynamics of fermentation and respiratory processes in a groundwater plume of phenolic contaminants interpreted from laboratory- to field-scale. Environ. Sci. Technol., 39, 8829-8839. - 173kb (pdf)
Harrold, G., Lerner, D.N., and Leharne, S.A. (2005). The impact of additives found in industrial formulations of TCE on the wettability of sandstone. J. Contam. Hydrol., 80, 1-17. - David Lerner
Thornton, S.F., Tellam, J.H., and Lerner, D.N. (2005). Experimental and modelling approaches for the assessment of chemical impacts of leachate migration from landfills: A case study of a site on the Triassic sandstone aquifer in the UK East Midlands. Geotech. Geolog. Eng., 23, 811-829. - Steve Thornton
Spence, M.J., Bottrell, S.H., Thornton, S.F., Richnow, H.H. and Spence, K.H. (2005). Hydrochemical and isotopic effects associated with petroleum fuel biodegradation pathways in a chalk aquifer. J. Contam. Hydrol., 79, 67-88. - Steve Thornton
Mason, V.P., Markx, G.H., Thompson, I.P., Andrews, J.S. and Mansfield, M. (2005). Colonial architecture in mixed species assemblages affects AHL mediated gene expression. FEMS Microbiology Letters, 244 (1), 121-127. - Joh Andrews
Spence, M.J., Thornton, S.F., Bottrell, S.H. and Spence, K.H. (2005). Determination of interstitial water chemistry and porosity in consolidated aquifer materials by diffusion equilibrium-exchange. Environ. Sci. Technol. 39, 1158-1166. - Steve Thornton
Wakida, F.T. and Lerner, D.N. (2005). Non-agricultural sources of groundwater nitrate: a review and case study. Water Research 39, 3-16. Summary David Lerner
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Books and technical reports
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Quantitative Visualisation of Biodegradation during Natural Attenuation of Organic Pollutants in Groundwater - BBSRC project E15832 Link Steve Banwart
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