Dr Peter Stordy

BEd (Manchester), MSc (Essex), PhD (Sheffield), Senate Award Fellow

Information School

Senior University Teacher

Peter Stordy
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Dr Peter Stordy
Information School
Room C231
The Wave
2 Whitham Road
S10 2AH

Having spent 16 enjoyable years as a deputy head teacher, advisory teacher and school teacher, I retrained as a software engineer and spent the next 4 years working for two leading software companies. During this time, I developed two well-known educational applications: BlackCat Logo and BlackCat Designer. In 2003 I was awarded an Information School PhD scholarship and in 2005 I joined the Information School as a University Teacher. In 2015 I was promoted to Senior University Teacher.

Information School and Faculty Responsibilities

  • Year Tutor (Level 1) for the BSc Data Science degree
  • Module Coordinator of:
    • Database Design (Postgraduate)
    • Introduction to Programming (Postgraduate)
    • Data Modelling and Storage (Undergraduate)
Research interests

My main research areas include Internet, digital and information literacies, school and HE pedagogy, Appreciative Inquiry (AI), Inquiry-based Learning (IBL), primary education. learning styles and Personal Development Planning (PDP). During my PhD (completed 2012), I explored information management undergraduates’ and their teachers’ perceptions of being Internet literate, of Internet literacy and their Internet-related practices, with the aim of identifying implications for information departments’ pedagogy and curriculum. In particular, it explores the extent to which popular digital native narratives surrounding students’ use of the Internet, coincide with the outcomes of this study.

I am a member of the Libraries and Information Society Research Group.

I am no longer accepting new PhD students


Journal articles

Conference proceedings papers


  • Foster J Deliberation Day: An I-School Educational Project. iConference 2016: Partnership with Society. RIS download Bibtex download

Theses / Dissertations


  • Stordy PH (2009) Review of 'Information Obesity', by Whitworth, A.. RIS download Bibtex download
  • Stordy PH (2008) Designing and Sharing Inquiry-based Learning Activities: A LAMS Evaluation Case Study, 19-23. RIS download Bibtex download
  • Stordy PH (2008) The REAL way to approach PDP (Information Studies). RIS download Bibtex download
  • Stordy PH (2007) A REAListic Approach to PDP: 'Reflection, Employability And Learning'. View this article in WRRO RIS download Bibtex download
Research group

Current PhD students

  • Victoria Edwards: Quality Control of Library e-Book Metadata

I am no longer accepting new PhD students

Teaching activities

Excellence in student satisfaction

  • Academic Award winner 2015: ‘Best Student-Staff Committee’
  • Pivotal in raising the Information School’s NSS ratings from 68% to a University leading 95% (2014)
  • Academic Award nomination 2010: ‘Personal Tutor of the Year’

Excellence in teaching & learning

  • Consistently high student evaluation module ratings
  • Senate Award for Teaching Excellence (2012)

Led major programme and module level innovations that promote ‘The Sheffield Graduate’ attributes:

  • Designed and developed four new and innovative modules with inquiry and information literacy at their core
  • Created novel assessments methods that foster ‘deeper’ learning and engagement
  • Developed innovative pedagogies to teach IT to technical and non-technical students

Pioneered the effective use of new teaching technologies and communicated findings outside of the department:

  • First in the University to use Blackboard e-Portfolio to facilitate PDP and in assessments
  • First in the University to use LAM as a teaching tool
  • Used a Blackboard VLE journal to promote deeper learning

Spearheaded innovations in supervision and support

  • Instigated/contributed to seven successful departmental Teaching Assistant training ‘Away Days’
  • Transformed students’ attitudes towards learning academic writing skills and learning IT skills

Promoting information management beyond the University of Sheffield’s Information School

  • Presented ‘Reinventing Exams’ at the Faculty TESS Conference (March, 2015)
  • Regular contributor to the English Language Centre’s Spring and Summer School lecture series
  • First in the University to run promotional sessions at Sheffield International College
  • Coordinated and conducted four ‘outreach’ initiatives