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Research making an impact


Predicting fashion trends

With the FashionBrain project, we are working to improve the fashion industry value chain through novel online shopping experiences, the detection of influencers and the prediction of fashion trends.

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Information exploration and discovery in big digital archives

We are working to create a more joined up experience for the exploration of the Government Web Archive.

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Personalised Access to Cultural Heritage Spaces

We worked on developing methods to assist users with searching, exploring and using content from digital library collections.

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Our research themes

  • The study of human computer and information interaction to understand user cognition and behaviour with respect to the interactivity involved in information access, use and re-use.
  • The development of novel solutions to information access problems, ranging from the development of specific algorithms to the design of entire prototype systems, with a particular focus on web-scale systems.
  • The study and design of methods and techniques for evaluating information access systems for a variety of applications and search scenarios.

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  • Munirah Abdulhadi
  • Faisal Alvi
  • Monica Lestari Paramita
  • Sophie Rutter
  • Fei Xie
  • Mengdie Zhuang

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Funders and collaborators

Research carried out within this group is funded by a wide range of organisations

  • Horizon 2020
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
  • European Union
  • Arts & Humanities Research Council
  • Google