Research Group Members

Academic Staff

Frank Dr Frank Hopfgartner
Head of Group
Tel: 0114 2222658
My research to date can be placed in the intersection of information systems (e.g., information retrieval and recommender systems), content analysis and data science. I have (co-) authored over 150 publications in above mentioned research fields, including a book on smart information systems, various book chapters and papers in peer-reviewed journals, conferences and workshops. To date, I have successfully acquired over £1 Million in research funding from national and international sources to support my research.
Dave Cameron Dr David Cameron
Tel: 0114 2222644
Room 232
Alessandro Checco Dr Alessandro Checco
Tel: 0114 2222674
Room 232
Paul Clough Professor Paul Clough
Tel: 0114 2222664
Room 226
I research the development of effective retrieval technologies that support users as they seek to fulfil their information needs. Specifically I have carried out research in the areas of multilingual retrieval, image search, geographic information retrieval, search log analysis and the evaluation of search systems. Another area of my research focuses on originality and attribution in digital media, in particular on text re-use and plagiarism detection.
Paula Goodale Paula Goodale
My main research interest is in the needs and seeking behaviours of users in digital environments, including digital libraries, cultural heritage collections, and other information spaces. I am also interested in how people use and curate the information they find.
Morgan Harvey Dr Morgan Harvey
Tel: +44 (0)114 222 6337
Room 306
I conduct research in the fields of information retrieval, information behaviour, recommender systems and in the wider area of information and data science and have published more than 60 peer-reviewed conference papers and journal articles. Much of my work aims to bridge the gap between “systems” and “user-centred” Information Retrieval (IR) and Recommender Systems (RS), with recent work in particular focussing on mobile IR and RS for health and nutrition. I also research e-government/digital services and their hidden costs, digital literacy, and the relation of these to the growing digital divide in our society.
Peter Holdridge Peter Holdridge
Tel: 0114 2222698
Room 227
I focus on Educational Informatics and e-Learning - including the creation/application of learning technologies. I am interested in accounting for cognitive style in networked learning systems.
Suvodeep Mazumdar Dr Suvodeep Mazumdar
Tel: 0114 2222697
Room 210
My research explores developing techniques and mechanisms for reducing the barrier for user communities in understanding and enriching very large complex multidimensional datasets. I conduct inter-disciplinary research on highly engaging, interactive and visual mechanisms in conjunction with complex querying techniques for seamless navigation, exploration and understanding of complex datasets. I have carried out research in a variety of domains such as aerospace engineering, emergency response, event management and smart cities.
Sophie Dr Sophie Rutter
Tel: 0114 2222659
Room 234
I am particularly interested in how the environment influences the way people interact with information, what techniques people use to search for information, and how information use can be evaluated in different environments. My research so far has been broadly focused on school children, search interfaces and health communication.
Ziqi Zhang Dr Ziqi Zhang
Tel: 0114 2222657
Room 209
My research addresses methods that enable machines to extract human knowledge from text, to represent such knowledge in a structured representation that is understandable and usable by machines. This ultimately enhances our capability of processing and sense-making of very large-scale data, improving decision making. Specifically, this include but is not limited to: Information Extraction, Semantic Web and Linked Data, knowledge graphs, and social media analytics.

Research Staff

Monica Monica Lestari Paramita
I am working on a project to evaluate search capabilities of Europeana. I am also working on a PhD to investigate methods for identifying cross-lingual similarity in Wikipedia.

PhD Researchers

man Ahmed Alnuhayt
I am researching the role of computational intelligence and aggregation systems in decision making.
man Abdulkareem Alqusaid
I am researching product category extraction and linking in the area of semantic web.
woman Chen (Cassie) Cao
I am researching the affordances of gamified online education in the context of the Chinese Market.
woman Cui Cui
My research is working towards creating a small scale, topic-based digital library of web archives of Chinese studies.
woman Omaima Fallatah
I am researching the mapping and aligning of large knowledge bases.
woman Paula Goodale I am researching the construction of personal narratives through exploration of cultural spaces online.
man Yuyang Liu
I am researching machine learning and health informatics.
man Haoyu Xie
I am researching the self-organisation of crowdsourcing workers.
man Zhixue Zhao
My research interests are focused on handling unbalanced data and limited data in the task of hateful speech classification. I am examining the effects of different transfer learning strategies on improving models when using limited data. I am also interested in applying my research to other natural language processing and deep learning methods with the view to mitigate the destructive effects of poor training data.